Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ive been thinking lately about topics that I could talk about, but I always never come up with a definite one. Then I had the thought, why do I need topics to talk about anyway?  I mean, when I first started un-regularly posting on here waaaaaay back in 2005, I just talked about what ever was on my mind. (I was in grade five, can you blame me?)

"Wednesday, July 20, 2005
I realy should get this spelling thing worked out. I keep making spelling mistakes,
no Mater how hard I try, I keep getting words wrong...
I should go to bed..."

As far as I can tell that's my earliest post. Almost a decade ago. That's a long time ago. I was 11, and that was the summer between grade five and six, when the world was small and i was big. Its kinda mind boggling to me that so much living has happened in that amount of time. Its interesting to me to go back and read the posts I wrote back then, to see who I was, (and to see how horrible of a speller i was.)

Right now I'm in between jobs, I quit my old one at the warehouse in Wetaskiwin, and I should hopefully start my next one at camp next Monday, so I have this next week off to kinda relax, and get things in order. On the list of things to do is get the car fixed, hopefully get my room cleaned up a bit, and hopefully I'll be able to catch up with some friends that I haven't been able to see in a long while. I hope your Saturday night is as calm as mine is.

"We make choices when we're little that we don't remember making, and they affect us our whole life." -Unknown Author

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

so im starting to figure out what this whole `being an adult` thing is all about. i mean, i excepted it all along, having to own everything about me and everything i do. even though sometimes my instincts are to run away and hide in a dark and lonely place. and its hard sometimes, to face that truth. one aspect that im really starting to notice it is with my teeth. for those that don't know im going to have to get surgery done on my jaw/jaws to move them around, and the first step with that was getting my wisdom teeth out a couple of weeks ago. and then getting braces this past Wednesday. besides being a real pain in my face, ill have to live with them for a year and a half to two or three years. what im hoping for and praying for is that the whole thing can go quicker then expected, and that my jaws stop growing, so they only have to operate on the top jaw, and not both. its kinda over whelming sometimes. and i found out that i have a border line irrational fear of going in for surgery, as the days leading up too my wisdom teeth extraction showed me. but on the day of it i know a lot of people where praying for me, cause i was able to not freak out and not have a break down or something stupid like that. i think the hardest part is that i have to try and own it, and own that this is part of me and is who i am. sometimes i would like nothing more then to crawl up into a little ball on my moms lap like i used to. but i cant. mainly cause i would probably squish her to death.
ive been meaning to update this space for a while. but every time i have an idea to write on, i always forget it when i sit down to write, or just procrastinate until dont even post. so be patient with me as i work on my procrastination. ( :

"is trying to find a meaning the point of it all, or does it dive deeper within? maybe its just much simpler then that, could it be in that little bit of hope. the hope in the morning when the sun comes awake, or the smell right after a storm. The stars in the sky, the jaw dropping effect that the universe has over my soul. the meaning of life is all around, its in every single thing you see. the air in your chest, the blood in your veins, its in everything."
Prelude to Life- Micah Friesen

Saturday, October 13, 2012

i find it interesting where i find my inspiration. usually it comes in random bursts. when i wrote this song i found inspiration from rain and thunder. i wrote it late one night back in June or July when it was raining out. i was just about to go to bed, and i went to close my window but i stopped and  stood there for  a while taking in my surroundings. the smell, the feeling, the mood in the air, and i was just awe struck at the simple beauty of it all. and so as i do everything, i attempted to write it down in a song. this is the product. except this time i had an idea to try and add sounds to it, specifically a thunderstorm. so i spent a week or two looking for sounds, and then trying to edit it into the song. tell me what you think.

"but alas its time to sleep, i lay my head upon the ground. i hope i dream good things tonight, with that melody i have found."
Pitter Patter (Rain Lullabye) - Micah Friesen

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

These past five or six weeks I've been working at a tree nursery. the first week was hard, but it seems to be slowly getting better, and generally easier. probably because I'm learning the routine. but there are still a few 'bad' days, like this past Monday, i woke up at around five thirty with a bad stomach ache and have to take regular trips to the washroom, and i didn't think id be able to make it through the day, because usually where i work, we are out on job sites. and they generally don't have washrooms that we can use. but i found and took some drugs that plugged me up enough to make it through. its that part of the job that probably worries/ scares me the most. not having a regular place to take a dump. its kinda silly i know, but its genuine. anyway, its past my bed time, so where ever you are i hope you have a good sleep.

"The coast disappeared when the sea drowned the sun , I knew no words to share it with anyone, The boundaries of language I quietly cursed,  And all the different names for the same thing."
Different Names For The Same Thing - Death Cab For Cutie

Saturday, July 21, 2012

So, i made the Grilled Peanut Butter and Jam sandwich, and it wasn't half bad. i had a brainwave half way through it though, that i should have put banana's into it. i think that would have made it better. this past week has been a blur, from buying things for camp, to packing, to helping put up and insulate a wall at the church and climbing in the attic of the church, to more packing. i also went and saw the new batman movie which was beyond superb.

so here it is, the eve of my leaving home. im kinda full of mixed emotions. its like the first official time im leaving home after school as an adult for longer then a day or two. so im kinda not knowing whats out there. i mean, i know whats out there and ive gone out there before by myself for longer then a day or two, but its different. i have nothing to return to in the fall, like school, the only constant in life. so i have to go out and make a name for myself in the world which is kinda scary. but ill try to take it in stride, with my guitar in one hand, my ipod full of music in my pocket.

i haven't told you yet where im going, at least not in this post yet. im going and working at Covenant Bay Bible Camp this summer as a cabin leader. i hope that this year is less stressful then last year. if you didn't know yet, last year we got bed bugs out at camp the second week in, and had to close for a week. so im really hoping and praying that that doesn't happen again this year. anyways, while im out there ill try to keep you posted, but im not promising anything.

"All my nightmares escaped my head, Bar the door, please don't let them in, You were never supposed to leave, Now my head's splitting at the seams, And I don't know if I can, Here, beneath my lungs, I feel your thumbs press into my skin again"
Welcome Home by Radical Face

Saturday, July 14, 2012

hello world, i don't know why I've decided to keep you all in suspense as to what ive been up too lately. i guess im just forgetful. this past week has been a blur, from leading worship on Sunday, to taking a first aid course on Monday and Tuesday to working the rest of the week. and in my spare time trying to work on an album that i just released tonight.

like i said i led worship last Sunday, and even though i was kinda stressing out, it went really well. then in the afternoon i went and helped out by running a station for a neighbors amazing race game he was putting on for his wife's birthday party. then after the party i went and watched the Riders beat the Esk's.
on Monday and Tuesday i went and took a standard first aid & CPR course in Camrose. i needed to get it done for Camp, which I'm starting next Sunday. it was good to go, i learned a lot and met a few people. one guy was from Saskatchewan, and hour away from where i used to live. it was weird to make that connection. he said he was living in SK but working out here in Camrose, and went back and forth.
from Wednesday to Friday i worked for a neighbor doing random manual labor. then today i slept in, then got up and made some grilled cheese. it wasn't as good as the bacon guacamole grilled cheese sandwich that i made last weekend, but it was still good. i had a random idea while i was making it this morning; grilled peanut butter and jam sandwich. call me crazy but i think im going to try that this week.
i mentioned before that i released an album tonight, and i did. go check it out:  ive been working on this for the past couple of weeks, and finally tonight i decided i was pleased with it enough to post it online. let me know what you think. i don't know what this next week will hold, but ill attempt to try and keep you posted. ill let you know how the grilled peanut butter and jam sandwich goes. i leave for camp next Sunday night. so ill be getting ready for that. much other then that i hope all is well in your worlds.

"Just close your eyes, The sun is going down, You'll be alright, No one can hurt you now, Come morning light, You and I'll be safe and sound"
 -Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ive been meaning to post on here for a while now about memories, and what triggers them. a while ago, i think two weeks, i was driving home from sledge hockey practice through the reserve with the windows down. then all of a sudden i smelled something that instantly took me back nine months to when i was in Haiti, and it was as if i was reliving the whole experience in a matter of seconds. I also love the smell of Freshly cut grass, not just for the reason that it smells good, but because it always reminds me of when i was a kid and when we used to spend hours cutting the grass. it reminds me of the satisfaction that came after all the work was done. it also makes me want to get a slurpee because when i was younger and we were finished mowing the yard dad would always take us out to get slurpees. this also happens to me with sound, or mainly music. when a sound or song jolts your memory to a certain point in time. this happens to me with a particular album, Electric Presidents self titled album. when ever i sit down and listen to the album, im instantly transported to five or six years ago when i first heard the album. when i was laying on the bed with the window open and the sun shining and the sound of the city floating through the window. i remember that it was hot, and i feel the exact same mood i felt as when i first listened to it.

its interesting how our minds work, how memory's work. i don't know if i will ever be able to comprehend them, our minds and memory's. and im ok with that, im just glad i have them.

" It was all in our heads. It was all in our heads.
The sky was never falling; it was all in our heads.
So sleep well tonight. And dream some good things.
The sky was never falling. It was all a bad dream."
Farewell by Electric President.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

well this is kind of awkward, after not posting on here for a long time. you know? i don't know why, but posting on here for me seems to come in little spurts. i go through periods of life when i post and then i either loose interest or forget about it. i don't know if its worth it or not but i think I'm going to try to start posting a little bit again. when i say i don't know if its worth it or not, i mean i don't if people out there still check up on me and this space. but i guess i originally didn't start writing here because i wanted people to read what i had to say. i actually don't remember what the original reason was that i started this blog. it probably had something to do with my dad blogging and me wanting to be like him.

Anyway, my life the past few months have been interesting to say the least. a lot of stuff has happened. both bad and good. and i guess at the heart of it, I'm learning from it. which is always a good thing. i still dont know what im doing next year. but hopefully that'll come soon. i really want it to include music so im looking into that. who knows what will happen.

Speaking of music, I've released an EP on my band camp page. if you have a chance, you should give it a listen. and then if you liked it, you should tell all your friends about it. that would be sweet of you.

anyways, i think I've written enough for one night. My friend, at the end of every one of his post's he puts lyrics, pertaining to that post. and i kinda like that idea, so im going to do a variation of that. im going to do exactly what he does, but i will put lyrics to a song that i listened to while writing, and the lyrics might not have anything to do with the post. so lets see how it goes.

"I wish we could open our eyes
To see in all directions at the same time
Oh what a beautiful view
If you were never aware of what was around you"
Marching Bands Of Manhattan by Death Cab For Cutie